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CreAsian Collective is born from the desire to see more Asians becoming key players in all spectrum of the creative industries.   Due to cultural and family influences, Asians have traditionally excelled and been valued in the professional industries.  Unfortunately, this has vastly become an Asian stereotype.  In recent years, Asians have increasingly become more visible and vocal in different creative arenas.  However, as a whole, there is still a gap to fill before Asians are seen globally as creatively influential, both in numbers and weight.  

CreAsian Collective aims to change that tide.  Through interviewing Asian creatives who have ventured into the road less trodden, we hope to share their experiences and insights to encourage and empower more Asians to excel in the creative field, whether they are dreaming of becoming one or needing some tools to help them claim the crown.

Alice Lee - Host

Alice is a writer, actor and founder of Sandy Lane Productions whose mission is to bring thought-provoking and inspirational stories to life.  Alice started her career in marketing but through a series of “coincidences”, she landed in the film industry where she had a cameo role that launched her career in acting.  Due to the lack of roles on offer to Asians, Alice started writing and producing programs in the hope of breaking stereotypes and creating wider choices.  For more information on Alice, please visit www.alicelee.net.


Michelle Yim - Co-Host

Michelle is a British East Asian actor from Huddersfield. She trained at ALRA in London and has performed and toured in theatre productions all over the UK, as well as appearing in numerous short films and small roles on TV.  She also works as a voice-over artist in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and is artistic director of Red Dragonfly Productions, director and producer for Grist to the Mill Productions and The Rotunda Theatre - a 120 seat pop-up theatre.


Dee Lo - Producer

Dee is a British Born Chinese whose first working experience was at TVB in Hong Kong. She came back to the UK and in 2010 contributed to BBC Radio Manchester’s community programme “Eastern Horizon” aka “Chinatown” which was about the British Chinese community. Sadly, the programme was discontinued by the BBC in 2018. Dee also set up a series of Cantonese podcasts which were online at www.fatestation.com from 2016-2018. She now contributes to the Chinese community radio programme hosted by Wai Yin Society, Community Radio Sheung Lok which is broadcasted in Manchester.

Pearl Yim - Music Composer

Pearl is a UK-Chinese award-winning composer, conductor, orchestrator and arranger specialising in film, animation and games. She graduated from Seattle Film Institute, USA in 2019, having studied under two-time Emmy Award composer Hummie Mann (Robin Hood: Man In Tights, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Language of the Heart, Year of the Comet), obtaining a Master’s of Music degree in Film Composition. Her projects have currently spanned across USA, Canada, UK, France and Singapore.

ALICE LEE (I.A.M.) - FEMALE Southeast As

Alice Lee

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Michelle Yim


Dee Lo

Pearl Yim